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Friday, January 22nd 2010

3:30 PM

God Is Eternal!

As people, we are born, we live and learn then we die, and so continues the circle of life.

But one thing that I am very fascinated by, is the fact that God, has no beginning, no end, He has always been and always will be!

Sometimes it will make perfect sense to me, but as I dig deeper and think harder about it, I sometimes get a little puzzled

In Crazy Love Francis Chan says “God Is Eternal. Most of us would probably agree with that statement. But have you ever seriously meditated on what it means?

Each of us has a beginning; everything in existence began on a particular day, at a specific time.
Everything that is, but God. He always has been, since before there was an earth, a universe, or even angels.

God exists outside of time, and since we are within time, there is no way we will ever totally grasp that concept.
Not being able to fully understand God is frustrating,"

I agree wholeheartedly with him when he says that not being able to fully understand God is frustrating.

Thinking about how God has existed, for probably billions of years, meaning He’s been around forever, before there were even angels, thinking about that makes me realize how complex He is.

No one created God, He didn’t just appear one day out of no where, He has always been there!

There has only been an earth for about seven or so thousand years, but possibly billions of years before that, God existed.

Sometimes this thought brings silly questions into my head like “If God has always existed, even before angels, didn’t He get bored after being alone for so many years?”

The more I try to understand it, the more questions like that begin to fill my head.

Time to us, has great meaning, we plan our lives around the clock, and everything is rushed and hurried.

To God, on the other hand, there is no time, there is no five o’ clock or midnight.

Learning this has helped me realize why God may not always do things exactly when we want them done.

God knows the perfect timing for everything, even though at times when I may get impatient with Him, I just have to remember, He knows what I need and when I need it.

God said to Moses, "I am who I am”

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Posted by Yasutomo:

Awesome post Alesia!! We just started the Bible study through John at my dorm. J. Vernon McGee said "So when you read,"In the beginning," go as far back as your little mind can go into eternity past, put down your peg - and Jesus Christ comes out of eternity to meet you." . I thank God for being God whom I cannot understand fully!!! God bless
Thursday, January 21st 2010 @ 10:54 PM

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